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The Papermill table

This is a beast of a table. The legs supported a very old papermaking machine (a huge machine that rolls out, flattens, and dries sheets of paper across an assembly line) in a now defunct plant in Ohio. Each leg is nearly 200 lbs. They sit on 6″ cast iron casters, and the table rolls easily despite its considerable weight. I have enough legs for  6 or 7 more tables if you need a bunch for a restaurant, etc.

The wooden top is very old as well, it has antique Richards Wilcox bench dogs embedded in it. It was a workbench in a vocational school in a former life. Its very scarred and worn from use, and shows its considerable age. I gently cleaned it, and sealed it with varnish.

Overall, the top is 52 x 64, and sits about 34″ off the floor, perfect for 24″ stools. Seats 8 very comfortably. Use as a kitchen island, work table, or casual dining. Also can be configured with 3″  cast iron casters to get table to dining room height, or 8″ if you wanted a taller kitchen island.


cropped-papermill5.jpg DSC_0009papermill2 DSC_0012papermill4endview

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