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Antique 1940’s Crank Table/Bar/Kitchen Island

parksmachinery1914Another example of 1940’s American industrial might repurposed as a table. Originally made by the Parks Machinery Co. of Cincinnati OH, this iron base supported a sanding machine. It adjusts from 28″ to approx 40″ high, making it a perfect desk/dining table/pub table/bar/kitchen island depending on the height required. Currently, it has a 34″x 64″ vintage vocational school carpenters bench top thats a full 2.25″ thick and has really neatly done metal channel embedded in the ends that complements the base well. This particular base can support  quite a big top up to about 8′ long so contact me if you need a different size top.

Also it obviously has plenty of spots for shelving inside, I have some neat vintage bins that would go well with it as well.







View with some metal bins.

View with some metal bins.

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