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Vintage Industrial Adjustable 1940’s Crank Table

20130708-144000.jpgMade from an antique american made 1940’s era Beach sanding machine, this table cranks up anywhere from about 24″ to 33 1/2″ off the floor with a turn of the massive handwheel. Perfect as a desk/conference table,  or dining room table (which is what I had in mind in designing the wooden top) or with 24″ stools cranked up to max height as a pub style table/ kitchen island. The wooden top is made from hemlock beams removed from a turn of the century home in Philadelphia. I denailed them, and planed the joists down to a little over 2″ thick. Its a full 8′ long, by 36″ wide, and has breadboard ends.  With enough lead time, this table can be extended to nearly 16′ long as well, contact me for details.




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