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Antique French Industrial Console Table



   This antique piece started out its life in a factory in Auxerre, France, where it was manufactured by the venerable Guilliet et Fils company, who dominated the European woodworking and machine tool market for close to 50 years starting at the turn of the century. Originally a degauchiseusse machine, it was used to flatten boards prior to sending them through the planer.


The Guillet factory, c. 1914

Spotted by a friend in Europe, it made the journey to the States last year, and is finally restored after many hours of work. Needless to say, we are very pleased to be able to show this piece, as the vast majority of French Industrial furniture on the market aren’t in fact French at all, (most are  cheap knockoffs made in India) as well as it being a great example of France’s industrial past.

The base is finished in the same method used for centuries to preserve cast iron Japanese tea pots from weathering, and the wooden top is very old and shows tons of wear and character. 64″ long, 20″ wide, height is slightly adjustable (+/- 2″ approx.) via the handwheels,  currently sits 31″ off the floor. Simply contact us as always if you need modifications in height, length, color, etc. (This piece is sold, but we have other similar machines in the pipeline,  both as console tables and dining tables).


french jointer


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