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1930’s Vintage Industrial Clamp Table/Desk/Conference Table

This 1930’s table was originally used to assemble furniture-a turn of the massive handwheel brought thousands of pounds of pressure to bear on the clamp that used to ride on the table top.  Now it’s been reborn as a stunning dining room table, one of a kind desk,  store display,  or conference/gathering table.  It’s an extremely rare and hard to find machine, as most of these clamps have been replaced years ago by pneumatic clamping systems. It sits on 8″ cast iron casters, and is 30.5″ tall x 32″ wide x 75″ long,  and with the smaller round stools can sit 3 people per side if the two bottom bolts are removed (the photos below with stools in it shows one of the bolts removed).

One unique thing about this piece is that it can be extended in length up to about 16′ long or so-really only limited by availability of the massive bolts that would be required to extend it. Contact us on lead times to discuss this modification.


photo 3 (9)

In this view I have removed one of the 2″ bolts that connected the lower legs together to show how it looks with some vintage Toledo desk chairs. As shown, 6 people could use it as a dining table, or office table. The base is also easily extendable, up to about 16′ long for use as a conference table.

photo 1 (8)

End view, showing the 1920″s patent date and identifying marks by Handy Mfg. Co.
The wheel has been freed up to spin, but can be locked into place as well.


End view, with another casting mark, and a good shot of the huge bolts and nuts. The nuts are about as big as a soda can in diameter!

photo 2 (12)DSC_0143


1919 advertisement in “The Woodworker” magazine, courtesy of the good folks at The clamp table shown in the ad is quite a bit smaller but the design is fairly similar.

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