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3 Repurposed coffee tables

Made from massive cast iron pedestal bases from a 1940’s screw machine, this one of a kind coffee table is topped of with an antique wooden top from a Jacquard tapestry loom. The wood is wrapped in the original  metal frame, and the top shows alot of wear and character. The “Conomatic” metal pedestals both have a really nice metal badge cast into the ends of them,  and were treated to look like worn leather, a mix of reds and blacks. IMG_2898 IMG_2892 IMG_2897

The second coffee table came from an old tapestry mill that had been in business since the 1880’s in Philadelphia. The Standard Tapestry Co. was active in Philadelphia for more than 100 years, making fine tapestries on huge cast iron Jacquard looms. This coffee table was assembled from found objects in the mill-cast iron wheels paired with original stenciled pine planks, and topped off with an antique cast iron scale platform. It’s the perfect coffee table height at 17″, and the cast iron top measures 26″x 34″.
“The Standard” is cast into the antique cast iron top, in quotation marks no less, along with  “Pittsburg Pa”. Note that Pittsburg is spelled without the ‘g’ at the end, which is the older pre-1916 way of spelling the city’s name.
The stencil on the wood reads “Standard Tapestry Co. Phila.”
I have one other cart just like this one if you need two of them, as well as 3 other interesting scale tops of various sizes from very big to small, some dating to 1866.

Overall a nice example of Pennsylvania industrial history, and a good alternative to the almost overexposed Lineberry style factory cart.







These former foundry carts are really neat looking. They are 34x34x14″ tall.







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