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Noble & Wood conference table



This unusually large machine base is from a turn of the century paper mill in Ohio, and was manufactured by the Noble and Woods Company. It’s quite remarkable in that it has distinctive decorative “lambs tongue” chamfers to the sides of the base (which you will see in most square porch columns in typical Victorian style) as well as actual cast flowers into the sides of the base. Keeping in mind this was a machine which was covered in wood pulp and axle grease, it’s pretty interesting how much attention was put into making it look good. It’s topped by a 4’x9′ zinc top, which we patina’ed to complement the raw cast iron of the base. The top was set at 40″ off the floor to permit the use of full height stools. One more of these antique bases is available-though a sturdy floor is needed to support it. 20140120-212309.jpg 20140120-212348.jpg 20140120-212431.jpg 20140120-212508.jpg

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