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An 1860’s Book Press repurposed into wine/bar storage and display.

20140328-112222.jpgThis stunning c. 1860’s  antique Hickok book press has been reborn as a stunning wine storage and bar, and we are very proud to offer this one of a kind piece for sale.  Full of over 150 years of character,  the worn white oak timbers have been reinforced long ago by a blacksmith who forged the iron straps that you see bolted to the oak frame, giving the piece extra visual weight and interest. Originally painted a dark green color, most of which has worn away with time, the press still shows faint red and yellow pin striping here and there, a common way of dressing up 19th century machine tools back then.

Some similar vintage 13″ wide flooring from a Civil War era barn  makes up the a 24 bottle wine storage area. Just below the big cast iron press plate, I fitted a sturdy slide out shelf, which makes it the perfect height to uncork/decant wine, serve appetizers on, or even to serve as a small bar area during parties. This piece could also be converted to a liquor cabinet,  complete with doors, and a drawer/shelf combination,  so contact us for details.

Total height, to top of handwheel, 61″. Width, 30″. Depth-legs are 28″ long, could be shortened if needed. Shelf height, 35″ (kitchen counter height essentially). Floor to top of oak timbers-48″. Approx 250-300lbs. The reverse side of the press looks exactly like the front, so it would also be a neat freestanding installation if you have the right spot for it in a bigger space. Would look really great with antique casters under it also-I mocked up some 4″ and 6″ casters which looked terrific under the legs.   $3450     DSC_0091DSC_0078 DSC_0082 DSC_0089DSC_0087 DSC_0096DSC_0016

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